“There are countless of talented actors in New York City, but a talent like her which is patient, consistent, and persistent will go a long way.”

Esther Chen is a stand-up comedian, accomplished actor and host from Taiwan. In addition to being seen on HBO, Buzzfeed, Fung Brothers, and MTV, she was nominated for the best-supporting actress at Planet Connections Festivities. She is a true trilingual between Mandarin Chinese, English and Taiwanese. She is also the dialect coach for Mr. Robot season 2&3t and contributed to the translations on the show. Most recently, Esther was in a production of Smart People at the Denver Center Theatre, where people said "Chen plays [Dr. Ginny Yang] with great skill, moving her from perhaps the least sympathetic character to the one you might most want to offer a hug." A graduate of NYU, she has been seen in Shakespeare shows and regional shows across the country, and is the proud creator of Youtube channel: Drunk Chinese Class and the award-winning pilot Wide Open. She appears regularly at comedy clubs in NY and across the country.

At the age of 4, she made her debut stage performance as Narrator 1 in a reading of The Night Before Christmas at her English language learning cram school. She was the best Narrator 1 there has ever been in the history of that local kindergarten.

After that Christmas show, she moved on to play a vegetable seller in a Thai floating market, and a Japanese kimono girl with no lines on stage. That year, she learnt that there are no small parts, only small actors.

She then became an acting student at NYU Tisch and went on to performing full time on stage in New York City. She just shot an episode of Succession on HBO and the first trilogy of the inde film The Resistance. She is currently writing the first season of her award winning pilot Wide Open and will be shooting an inde film in Taipei. Click on shows to see her in person in New York, Taipei, and all across the US.

在紐約演藝圈闖蕩天下的台灣女孩陳詠涵,不但是能歌善舞的百老匯女伶、幽默風趣的脫口秀諧星,更是個能主持功力一 流的hold住姊。

她曾被Planet Connections Festivities戲劇節提名為最佳女配角,有一定的知名度。如果你常關注好萊塢新聞,你很可能曾在HBO、Buzzfeed、Fung Brothers及MTV上看過她。

陳詠涵精通英語、中文和台語,曾受邀擔任艾美獎的電視劇Mr. Robot(中譯片名:駭客軍團)第二及第三季的中文語言指導,並協助該劇組翻譯劇本。

前不久,她還加入Smart People在丹佛戲劇中心的戲劇團隊,演出Dr. Ginny Yang一角。劇評稱讚道,她精湛的詮釋,讓這原本不討喜的角色在觀眾心中多了幾分同理與驚喜。

畢業於紐約大學的陳詠涵,曾在美國各大莎士比亞戲劇團和地區表演活動中登台。她自編的Wide Open前導影集,獲得戲劇類獎項肯定,更於自創的Youtube頻道—Drunk Chinese Class,詼諧教中文。這位新秀在紐約及全國各大喜劇俱樂部演出,把自己的演藝層級再往上提升。


喜愛戲劇的她,自紐約大學畢業後便留在紐約勇闖演藝之路。她甫在HBO的影集Seccession中現身,更在獨立製片電影The Resistance三部曲演出。她即將完成Wide Open第一季的劇本,並於台北拍攝獨立製片電影。