Jun 20, 2016

ASZ:Chinese Stage Actress and Comedienne Esther Chen to Perform in New York Again

Chinese Youtube comedienne Esther Chen

Chinese Youtube comedienne and stage actress Esther Chen will have a stand-up comedy performance and monolog at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City on Sunday, June 26 at 5:30 p.m. This will be her second performance in the club after her first successful solo show in January.

Chen's first show early this year has been dubbed as one of the best performances among her contemporaries in the field of stage acting and comedy. Theatre in the Now noted last year that Chen "seemed to have the most fun as the local TV anchor but she shined brightest during her monologue."

According to China Daily, although language may be a hurdle for aspiring Chinese actors in the United States, Chen seems to have already conquered that obstacle.

Chen accentuates her comedy performances with videos on Youtube that have garnered thousands of views from the Chinese-American audience.

In one of her latest videos that went viral, Chen spoke about racism in relation to an incident at Dunkin Donuts where an Asian customer was humiliated by a Dunkin Donuts employee in front of many customers. The employee is said to have made fun of the Asian customer's accent which led the customer to post a Facebook rant condemning racism.